Knowledge Saves Time & Money

Having a clear understanding of what credit repair can and can’t do and when it is needed can save you both time and money.  While most Credit Repair Organizations will happily pocket your money and say they can help, the truth is, most of them do not fully understand the intricacies of credit-related situations.   Because of this, they end up failing to deliver hoped-for results that you were anticipating.  Here are some examples for your consideration.

Heritage Credit Group helps with identity theft

Identity Theft

Are you a victim of Identity Theft? Typical credit repair and the common use of dispute letters will not help you!  Contact us.  We are happy to assist with Identity Theft issues.

How to handle charge off problems


If you are hoping a recently added charge off can be fixed with typical credit repair, you’re in for disappointment.  It won’t work.  Contact us, we will show you how to handle this problem.

What to do if you have no credit

No Credit

Many clients come to us for credit repair that do not need credit repair at all!  There is no bad entries no their reports to remove.  The problem is; there are no positive Trade Lines on their report.

Credit Repair will not help this situation.  What is needed is to add good credit history.  Heritage does not charge for this service but we are happy to help you add good credit history.  Just use the handy contact form and write “add credit history”.  We’ll email you what to do—no cost.

Heritage Credit Group knows how to deal with collection agencies

Collection Agencies

If you are getting calls, emails, texts or collection letters and hope to have the same companies removed from your report, you will be disappointed.

It is not possible to remove active collections from your credit profile. This is a debt problem; not a credit issue.  Let us know if you have active collections…we know how to deal with them and get them off your report!

Dispute Letters

Dispute Letters

You can download examples from the internet and send them yourself.  You can hire a CRO to send dispute letters.  For the most part, they don’t work.

Think about it; what exactly are you disputing?  That it is not yours?  If it really isn’t yours, then what you have is Identity Theft, and that should be dealt with entirely differently.  If it is yours, who are you going to dispute it to?  The Credit Bureaus?  Don’t waste your time and/or your money.  Contact us we have proven protocols that will remove negative items whether or not they are actually yours.

Credit Report

Credit Report

Everything starts here; you must know what is on your report.  The free ones (Credit Karma) aren’t good enough for what you are trying to accomplish.

Begin by getting a Premium report from www.SmartCredit.com/HCG then call us or click on the handy form below along with your Username and Password. We will get back with you with a FREE credit analysis!

We encourage you to contact us right now so we can show you how quick and pain-free quality credit restoration can be!