The Truth About Dispute Letters

Removing derogatory items on credit reports usually means sending “dispute letters,” and what a waste of time and money this process is. Let me explain:

The credit repair “do-it-yourself” kits you can purchase explain this silly “dispute letter” process and will even give you template letters to send to the 3 major credit reporting bureaus. If you hire 99% of the credit repair companies out there, this is exactly what they’ll do for you as well, but for a hefty cost. The problem is, it doesn’t work.

First of all, you will probably have been put on a monthly payment plan by the credit repair company. Obviously, then, you are hoping to clean up your credit as quickly as possible. It makes sense; bad accounts come off quickly, your costs go down. And that is how this concept is sold. But it is a trap.

When a dispute letter is sent, you’re basically saying the account isn’t yours. This, by the way, probably isn’t true. It is yours. And here’s what happens: Because the law provides only thirty days for the credit bureaus to respond to a dispute letter, it is virtually impossible in that time frame for the credit bureaus to prove the account is yours. So they have to remove it from your report. So naturally you think something great has been accomplished on your report… the account was after all, removed.

Here’s the bad news and why this process doesn’t work: Although the thirty day window has elapsed and the credit bureaus are obligated to remove the derogatory entry, their investigation is ongoing. So, once all the documents are brought together and the evidence is presented, guess what? The bad account is put right back on.

Don’t get on this merry-go-round. You’ll end up with payments month after month after month and probably never get the results you’re hoping for or what you were told to expect. In fact, many of our satisfied clients came to us after they tired of the “dispute letter” program, and sadly, only after a great deal of money was lost. We do it the right way. Our forensic credit analysis, coupled with the use of our attorneys, provides us a way to legally remove derogatory credit remarks that shouldn’t be there, and keep them off.

Another thing to keep in mind: improving one’s credit score is not always about removing items. Sometimes it involves putting items on. We are able to put a history of good credit onto your report if needed, which often will accomplish much to improve your score. Other factors we can help with are freezing your report, putting on a fraud alert, and the removal of inquiries.
We truly are the best at what we do, so give us a try right now! It costs nothing for your analysis and we are standing by, happy to help! So call now or contact us today.