Struggling with Central Coast collection calls?

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Central Coast collection calls

Are you struggling with a bad credit report? Well struggle no more; Heritage Credit Repair is here to solve your problem! Welcome to Heritage Credit Repair, a trusted Credit Recovery firm with over 25 years of experience in the area of consumer debt and credit complete with an aggressive legal department determined to help you combat any debt collector harassment you may be dealing with. Being as experienced as we are, we are 100 percent qualified to help our valued customers with a poor credit history and debt concerns in bringing that credit history up so that they, too, may enjoy the perks that come from having a decent FICO score.

With a track record of results and customer satisfaction, Heritage Credit Repair has earned the trust, respect, admiration, and most importantly, a close business relationship with several major Central Coast banks and lenders. As such, these banks as well as other finance professionals are routinely sending their clients with low credit scores to us, knowing that they will be treated with the utmost care and respect as any client should be, regardless of their credit history. After all, often times poor credit is simply the result of having no credit history, and if that’s the case, our team here at Heritage Credit Repair can help you build a credit score in no time! Contact us and we will help you to find credit card offers as well as other lines of credit that can build up your score.

We’ll help you deal with Central Coast Collection Calls & Debt

Dealing with Central Coast collection call issues can be very stressful. The abuse that collectors can dish out can be completely unbearable at times. Not only will they call you at home, but they’ll call you at your mom’s, your neighbor’s, your work, and they call at all hours of the day and night! They’ll leave rude messages, send nasty letters, and often times, they’ll even raise your debt. But what can you do about that?

At Heritage Credit Repair, we’ve dealt with our fair share of abusive debt collectors. And not only do we know how to make them leave you alone and get them removed from your credit profile, but we know how to get them to pay YOU! You did, in fact, read that correctly! You see, there are very strict rules on how collection agencies, creditors, and the credit bureaus can go about collecting debts, and in our 25 years of experience dealing with debt collectors we have got those rules down to a tee. We know when they have violated those rules and regulations, and our legal department will relentlessly pursue them, meaning less stress for you, as well as some extra money in your pocket as well! Worry not about our legal fees, there are no costs to use our attorneys! Heritage Group Clients enjoy legal representation at no cost at all!

So don’t let Central Coast collection calls get you down, call Heritage Credit Repair today at (805) 619-5131!