Rid yourself of poverty thinking.

by | Feb 19, 2016 | Credit Tips | 0 comments

In my 25 years plus in working with consumers, I have learned that most people limit their financial potential, create a mountain of debt and sabotage their chances at success simply due to poverty thinking.

What is poverty thinking?  It is a learned thinking process; it’s learned behavior, where you “think” you can’t do well in a financial way.  Poverty-thinking is a belief pattern that simply acts on what it has been told. How is it learned?

It begins in childhood.  We learn to be in poverty when we are told repeatedly; “you can’t have that, we can’t afford that, we are too poor, not this time, we don’t have enough money”.  The brain will accept those words as fact of being…a fact that will be taken into adulthood.

As an adult, poverty-thinking, imbedded in our brains, will absolutely sabotage any undertaking we endeavor.  We will be limited due to our subconscious inner psyche that keeps telling us:  it can’t be done, you can never achieve that, you’ll always be broke, etc.

How can poverty-thinking be overcome?   Begin giving our brains a new set of words to live by.  In other words, we must replace the old, poverty-thinking with new, positive thought words and processes.

This can be accomplished by continually reciting, out loud, positive affirmations.  These are “new words” that we continually feed our brain.  These new words, these positive affirmations, are designed to blot out old negative words we learned from our parents, and give our subconscious a new, positive pattern.

We replace all the negatives we have learned with their positive opposites.  So it is a combination of two exercises.  We eliminate phrases like: “I can’t afford that, I don’t have enough money, I don’t think I can, I wish I could do that” and replace them with phrases like: I can accomplish that, I deserve to enjoy life’s best, etc.

Additionally, it is helpful to avoid associates who themselves are poverty-thinkers.  So it is “out with the old and in with the new”.  Surround yourself with positive thinking people and flood your brain with positive, “can-do” words!  In a short time you will be in the winner’s circle, accomplishing and no longer sabotaging your efforts!