Pay Yourself First 

by | Oct 15, 2015 | Credit Tips | 0 comments

Most of us are diligent about paying our bills when they are due. The thought of living in the cold prompts us to pay our utility bill. Not wanting our property to be inundated with trash encourages us to pay the garbage bill and, of course, if we do not want to live on the street we take care to pay our rent and mortgages.

These are givens, but are we possibly neglecting the most important invoice of all?  Which one is that?  Glad you asked.  It’s the Family Invoice, the one bill that should be paid first, and it is your payment that should be made out to you!  Pay yourself first!  How?

Determine what 10% of your gross earning is. That amount should go into a savings account on the first of the month before you pay anything else. If 10% is not possible yet, commit to 5% or another amount that can be monthly without cessation. Just $100 a month will net you $1,200 at the year’s end!