From Lizet’s Desk: Speed Up the Process

by | Oct 26, 2015 | From Lizet's Desk | 0 comments

Many of our clients would like to see immediate results from our work… and so would we! But realistically this process takes time. Even though our work begins immediately and some clients have seen progress before 30 days, the bureaus do not have to correspond for 30 days after they have received our inquiries. So it could be 45 days or more before any change is realized.

Also, it takes at least one month for the bureaus to update any changes that have occurred. Once we see what those changes are, we are able to quickly initiate our next protocol.

Our clients can help us expedite the process by making sure their Wells Fargo account is current and notifying us of any login information changes. If you receive a phone call or an email from me stating there is a Wells Fargo account issue, please call me back immediately! This will speed up the process immensely!

Our processes force a response from the collectors, creditors and bureaus. These responses usually come in the form of a letter sent directly to the client’s address. It is VITAL that these notices are walked into our office, faxed, or emailed to us immediately! By doing this, we can make the entire credit restoration process go smoother and faster! Also keep in mind that each collection letter you give us is a potential lawsuit that will pay you at least $1,000.