From Lizet’s Desk: Pay Yourself First for Easy Savings

by | Aug 25, 2016 | From Lizet's Desk | 0 comments

Pay yourself first.  When it comes to bill-paying, I like to remind our clients to pay themselves first before they pay any other bill.  Make it a habit to put money into a savings account based on the 10% rule.  That means, if you make $5,000 monthly, write yourself a check for $500 (10%) and put it into a special account where you won’t be attempted to touch it.

Put your 10% into a savings account instead of just “trying” to save money in your check account.  That never works.  The money will always get spent.  So write out a check to yourself or arrange for direct deposit into your savings (best).  That should always happen first, before you pay other bills.

If you have never done this before, it can be daunting.  And you may find that you just don’t have 10% available.  That’s fine, work up to it. Start with 5% or SOMETHING, but just start.  Once it becomes a habit, you will hardly notice the money is gone.

The real fun is when you realize how fast it grows!  In just a few months you’ll have a thousand or more dollars in your nest egg!  This is money you’ve earned and can use however you like!  Perhaps a small gift for your favorite credit repair girl?  Heehee.