From Lizet’s Desk: Medical Bills

by | Apr 26, 2016 | From Lizet's Desk | 0 comments

Consumers usually need our service due to debts that are defaulted on. It is not always done purposefully, as in the case of medical bills. However, many others default simply because they have over-extended their credit cards.

Although there may be fewer bills to worry about after defaulting, there will now be a whole new set of problems, in terms of horrible credit, which is very, very expensive as well as stress from collection efforts.

So when a new client comes to us, it is gratifying to know they want to have a fresh start. When a person wants an improved credit profile, they have reached a point of higher responsibility. They are no longer content with a poor FICO and the ramifications that come with that. They are choosing to make timely payments on their existing bills and to a credit repair company to remedy the problem. They understand this will lead to an improved, profitable future.

We commend our clients for that decision. Sadly however, some, even after paying us a substantial amount for credit restoration, go back to the old mentality and begin defaulting on their debts again! Sometimes that even means defaulting on the credit repair company!

The last thing a consumer could possibly want to happen is allow their credit profile to begin circling the drain right after working so hard to improve it!

We understand that circumstances change and that sometimes it is just not possible to pay as one would like. We get it. But please do not default on your credit repair company! You need us now more than ever!

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please call us! We will work out a payment schedule for you that can be easily managed! This way you won’t lose the initial investment but more importantly, you can stay the course and get that fresh start you really desire!