From Lizet’s Desk: Credit and Debit Card Payments

by | Jul 26, 2016 | From Lizet's Desk | 0 comments

I love my clients and as I get to know you and your families, I try to accommodate you in many ways.  I give monthly up-dates, suggestions that help build credit, and payment structures that makes budgeting easier, and other helpful services.

One of the more difficult requests to accomplish for my clients is to pay our fees using a credit or debit card.  Using a credit or debit card does make sense due to the convenience it offers.  Also, if there are many deletions, it can sometimes be a little difficult to pay the entire amount, so a credit card can make it a somewhat easier.

Some of you know we were recently able to accept credit and debit cards for a very brief period of time and it was met with much enthusiasm.  However, regretfully we will no longer be able to accept this type of payment arrangement at least for the time being.

The reason we haven’t used credit and debit cards for payments is because the credit repair industry is black-balled by the banks.  We simply cannot easily get a merchant account. This is not due to the industry itself, but more due to the banks’ mistrust of you; our clients, and your credit history.

Should you be shocked at their blatant prejudice?  Yes you should.  The banking industry is basically saying they do not trust you or else you would not be using a credit repair company in the first place.

This is not a law; it is a perception of consumerism that does not take into account the many different ways that people end up with poor credit.  Such as identity theft, wrong information on the reports, duplicate names, illness and injury, job loss and even death.

At Heritage, we understand that there are a multitude of circumstances that can cause ones’ credit to be damaged other than misuse of credit and so we attempt to treat you with dignity and respect; something the banking industry refuses to do.  But be that as it may, we cannot, at this time, offer a credit card solution for our clients who wish to pay via credit or debit card.

Therefore we will continue to accept cash or checks as the only way for our clients to pay their invoices. Also, at this time we want to remind everyone that your monthly up-date serves as your deletion invoice.  So, when you are called, left an email message, and receive a subsequent letter with your deletion information, this is an indication your payment is due and payable on that day.

When, and if, the credit card use-policy is changed, we will let you know and implement it.  Until then, we will anticipate your punctual payments through cash and check as usual.