The Frustration of Collection Calls & Letters

There is nothing more frustrating than Collection Calls and Letters.  Collection agencies have been known to call all hours of the day and night.  They call and threaten law suits. They call and threaten wage garnishments. They call and threaten bank liens.  They threaten to take your house and possessions.  They call and use obscenities.

Good grief, they will even slander you!

Stop Collection Calls & Letters

Collectors Will Do Anything

They will call your neighbors, friends and relatives; they will call your employer.

[expand title=”Read More…”]On more than one occasion, collection agencies have called and spoke abusively to young children who answered the phone. The kids were told their parents were dead-beats and scumbags because they did not pay their bills!

They can be very intimidating. Many consumers have paid them just to get the calls to stop. (And really, this is the collection agency’s objective). Payments have been made even though there may be questions and disputes concerning the alleged debt. Some consumers have agreed to pay if the collector promised to quit calling and remove the entry from the consumer’s credit report.

What happened in those instances? In the first example, the collector cashed the consumer’s check and then sold the debt to another collection agency who initiated collections all over again.[/expand]

Tired of paying and still having bad credit?

Even If You Pay, Your Credit May Not Improve

In the second example, the agreement was made to quit calling and remove the debt from the credit profile, once paid.

[expand title=”Read More…”]However, upon receipt of the money, the collector happily cashed the check and then sold the debt to another collection agency anyway and they didn’t remove the entry from the client’s credit profile as promised.

Now the consumer is out the money and there are two collection agencies listed on the consumer’s credit profile instead of one (!).

Is there anything that can be done about these atrocities? The answer is absolutely yes!

If you are dealing with collection calls and/or letters, whether or not they are a nuisance and whether or not the debt is actually owed, all the calls, letters, threats and non-sense, CAN ALL BE STOPPED![/expand]

Heritage Credit Group can stop the collector's calls and letters

Our Attorney Will Stop The Collections!

Call us right now! Our attorney will happily put an end to the calls (and the letters)!

[expand title=”Read More…”]The collection agencies will have about 5 days (the time it takes for the collector to receive the communication from us and put it in their system).

If they call back or send a collection letter after that, it will constitute a violation of law and the collector will be sued on your behalf!

How wonderful is that?! Just think about it; in many cases the debt will be removed, the derogatory entry will be removed and in many cases, you will receive a fat cash award as well!!

Hard to believe?  Please see the pictures below.[/expand]

Happy People with Good Credit

Let Us Help!

So now you have a choice; you can try to change your phone number, (they will still hound you),….

[expand title=”Read More…”]…you can move to another location, (they will still find you), you can refuse to take the calls, (they will continually call you), or you can let us help!

Think about what could happen for you:
• No more collection calls or letters.
• The debt could be expunged.
• The negative entry on your credit report could be removed.
• It may also result in you winning a cash award of $1,000 dollars or even more![/expand]

Here are just a few of our clients who have received cash awards
from their collection accounts.

If you would like us to help you with collection agencies, use the handy form below or give us a call!