Why choose Heritage Credit Repair?

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Central Coast debt collector harassment

Is your credit suffering? Worry not, here at Heritage Credit Repair, we have the cure! With over 25 years of experience in the consumer debt and credit industry, our team here at Heritage Credit Repair, complete with an aggressive legal department ready and willing to deal with Central Coast debt collector harassment cases, is one hundred percent qualified to help our valued customers with a poor credit history and debt concerns, so that they may also enjoy all the benefits that come from having a decent FICO score.

We take care of our clients and treat them with the respect they deserve!

With our amazing record of satisfaction, Heritage Credit Repair has earned the respect, admiration, and most importantly, a close relationship with several major Central Coast banks and lenders. These banks as well as other finance professionals are constantly sending their clients to our team, knowing full well that they will be handled with the care and respect that any client deserves.

We can help you build credit!

Often times, poor credit is a result of having no credit. Here at Heritage Credit Repair, we can help you build a credit history, while at the same time helping you maintain it and build a good credit score. Contact us right away for credit card offers and other lines of credit that can help build you up a good credit score!

We’ll help you deal with Central Coast Debt Collector Harassment.

If you are dealing with debt or collection issues, call us right away. If you need cash, our legal department can help determine if your rights, as determined by the FDCPA, have been violated. Central Coast debt collector harassment could result in a cash award that we will share with you, no charge at all for this service.

We do more than just “Dispute Letters”

Let’s face the facts, dispute letters don’t work. Inferior companies will send out dispute letters and with only 30 days to comply with the request, the entry will come off before going right back on again. This is always a constant source of irritation to customers who are paying monthly wages to their credit repair companies, but our highly trained professionals will conduct a thorough forensic analysis of your credit report and then translate the results into a workable program designed with the express intention of offering optimal results!

Don’t waste time with inferior companies; fix your credit score now with Heritage Credit Repair! Give us a call at (805) 619-5131