Build my Credit Central Coast: Helpful tips to build your credit

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build my credit central coast

Local Central Coast “Build My Credit” specialists Heritage Credit Repair have for over 25 years been doing their part to assist residents of the Central Coast in repairing their credit scores. This week, they released a report on how they help their clients build their credit.

Few Americans are among those fortunate enough to be financially positioned to buy a brand new home or car in today’s economy; however, there are thousands of Americans who may qualify income wise, but are burdened with a compromised or inexistent credit score.

With a poor or inexistent credit score, many Americans may find themselves unable to qualify for reasonably rated home or auto loans. Credit specialists at Heritage Credit Repair have had an amazing track record with results and satisfaction, earning the respect and admiration of many major banks and lenders. In their many years of service, they have assisted thousands of individuals in the Central Coast area in overcoming bad credit to get the loans that they deserve.

The proprietary system employed at Heritage Credit Repair helps those in need to build their credit and establish the three necessary trade lines that most lenders look for when assessing consumers’ loans. There are three simple steps that one may use to build credit which, combined, may typically build a consumer’s credit enough to satisfy even the strictest of banks and lenders within 6 months.

Steps to take

The first and foremost step to take, if not already underway, is to seek employment. While employment status doesn’t directly impact one’s credit score, a steady income (particularly at a long-term career) reassures most lenders and will generally make them less hesitant to consider dealing out large loans. This step also ties into the next – borrowing money.

There are several ways to do this, whether it’s by taking out a loan or simply applying for a credit card, once 18 and employed one may apply for a credit card or loan. While establishing the first credit account can be difficult, one’s bank or credit union may be willing to give a small installment loan or credit builder loan if secured by a savings account.

Lastly, just pay and wait. As soon as one opens a credit account and begins using it, credit will either build or drop depending on payment history. After having an active account for at least 6 months, a FICO score may be generated based on previous monthly credit reports. At first, it may be low, but keep in mind, everybody has to start somewhere.

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