Arroyo Grande Home Buyer Workshop Huge Success!

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At the Arroyo Grande Home Buyer Workshop last month, a large crowd of people were amazed to learn how easily they could go from renter to homeowner. Purchasing a home came be a complicated process.  Our event enlightened people by offering expertise and resources to assist first-time homebuyers as well as investors make their best decision.  Designed to inform potential buyers about the complete home-buying process and prepare them to apply for a home mortgage, many were able to get their questions answered from the experts and then move forward towards home ownership.

Arroyo Grande home


Rent vs Own

Mark Brown, loan officer from Wallick & Volk, explained exciting new lending programs that are now available to homebuyers. Additionally, he was able to show how it is actually more expensive to rent than it is to own a home since there are tax breaks and other factors in favor of the homeowner.  Indeed, whether one is renting or buying, they are making mortgage payments…the renter is making mortgage payments for their landlord!

Understanding Credit

Is there a difference between no credit and bad credit?  Either can prevent you from buying a home!  Richard Allen from the Heritage Group explained the importance of having a 3 Trade Lines, (good accounts) at least six months old, a necessary criterion to qualify for a home loan.  Removing derogatory entries off one’s credit report will not raise a FICO score significantly unless there is a history of good credit too. This typically neglected step must be dealt with at the beginning of the credit restoration process.

FREE Money from Collections

Matt Loker Esq., Kazerouni Law Group specializes in consumer law.  Credit Bureaus, Creditors and collection agencies routinely violate state and federal statutes that could result in cash awards for our clients.  These monies can be used toward closing costs and down payments for your new home purchase!  Matt’s efforts resulted in cash awards of $3,000.00 on just the day of the event!

Properties Available Now

Century 21 Real Estate agent Stew Hizey showed a “now” list of properties that worked well for the first-time home buyer as well as the seasoned investor.  All are available here in the desirable Central Coast area.

Did you miss out on this special event?

It is not too late to register for our up-coming event!  On April 21rd another Arroyo Grande home buyer workshop will be held and all clients of the Heritage Group are invited!  But seats are limited!  Make certain you are in attendance and learn to move forward financially and make home-ownership a part of your financial goals!

Arroyo Grande home