5 Steps to Build New Credit

Having no Credit at all is Just as Bad as Poor Credit

While most consumers do not have optimal credit history, it is not always due to not paying bills, or an accumulation of late pays, charge-offs or the like. It is sometimes a result of simply not having built any credit history at all.

I’ve always maintained our society has not concentrated on all the important subjects that are taught in school. While math, science and language are vital, how useful would it be to learn the proper use of credit cards? Learning to buy within our means? What if we had to show that we were capable of balancing a check book before we could graduate from high school?

Subsequently, most people begin life as an adult with poor or no credit knowledge. Sometimes consumers buy with impunity, only to learn later there are ramifications to poor buying habits. Then they become products of the poor economy and find themselves with a poor credit history.

But the majority of us have not learned the proper use of credit and the result is bad credit or no credit. In either case, what is needed is help building a history of good credit. This can usually be accomplished without too much difficulty with the following five steps.

Five Steps if You Have No Credit or Poor Credit

  1. Contact us for a FREE credit analysis. This will tell us exactly what your situation is and the best approach to building your credit.
  2. Let us know if there are any collection agencies calling you. Often, this is a prelude to a new account being added to your credit report, and you do not want that. We can stop the calls and prevent new derogatory entries in many cases using our methods.
  3. Put a fraud alert onto your report when appropriate to do so. This will alarm the 3 credit reporting agencies to the possibility that incorrect information may be on your report.
  4. Put a freeze on your account. This will prevent identity theft and undesired inquiries on your credit report. (Very Important)
  5. Sit back and relax as we do all the work using our proprietary program to rebuild your credit profile!

Please call us now or contact us today. We will happily answer your questions and promise to get your credit back on track!