Debt collector harassment Central Coast

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Debt collectors can be merciless in their pursuit for your money and in their dedication to destroying your credit. With over 25 years of consumer debt and credit repair experience, the specialists at Heritage Credit Repair know how to get the harassing calls and letters to stop.

Are you aware that most of the debt collector harassment Central Coast residents endure is illegal? There are strict guidelines when contacting consumers regarding debt and debt repayment. Often collection agencies, creditors, and even the credit bureaus violate these rules. This means that your consumer rights may have been or are currently being compromised. Our legal and credit repair experts at Heritage Credit Repair know these rules inside and out and can fight to restore your credit and your consumer rights.

We take the time to analyze your credit report and investigate your personal debt situation to see if any illegal contact by a creditor or agency has been made. Our work is thorough and designed to get you results to make your life easier – not harder, and your credit score higher – not lower! If we uncover inappropriate collection practices during our investigation, our aggressive and successful attorneys will pursue the debt collectors on your behalf and seek monetary retribution. That’s right – we can get money in your pocket – if your rights have been violated.


$0 – it’s FREE! As a trusted credit repair company we offer unprecedented access to our legal team for all of our clients – no questions asked! Improving your credit score and eliminating debt collector harassment are our priorities.

If we find that the debt collectors have played by the rules, we can still offer you assistance in building and repairing your credit. Our credit building and debt collector harassment Central Coast legal teams know the best debt-busting and credit restoring steps you can take for immediate and measurable results. We’re happy to represent you in negotiating more favorable and fair debt repayment solutions and are never afraid to question creditors or find ways to get your debt forgiven – for good!

With an established reputation with even lenders, banks, and collection agencies, when you are a client of Heritage Credit Repair, you are in good hands. The debt collector harassment Central Coast professionals, here on staff, are ready and always happy to discuss your unique situation and how we can work together to get your credit back on track.

Take the first step! Give us a call at (805) 619-5131 for your free credit analysis.